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LaceWig Making Course & Hair Replacements & volumizers
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Do you want to work in the fastest, most rewarding, growing sector in the hair industry, which  moves  £25Billion, Yes!!  Start producing YOUR OWN BRAND of highest quality lace wigs in UK.

  Do you have a family and want to work from home, creating your own high quality lace wigs?

Do you want to design and make your own lace wig collection, having them produced overseas while you continue to take orders for new clients??

Do you want to know how to make bespoke custom lace wigs and help people that need it for medical reasons or any other conditions??

Do you want to repair and maintain wigs? Do you want a good reputation and a famous brand name within the hair replacement world??

Do you want to start your own business and make thousands from the first few months while enjoying the most soul rewarding job in the hair industry, providing the finest lace creations and gaining priceless knowledge day by day through your own new clients??
           Finally and most importantly

Do you want to learn and obtain your certificate from an official teacher with the highest qualification in wig making in UK or from an afficionate student/master-instructor/hair extensions/company who has no qualifications or a licence to teach?

    * Our syllabus and training is the most extensive in the world, thanks to our smart program and with the very best prices, to help you in start in this magnific business in “crisis times”.  Please feel free to compare us with others before you enrol with us.


The institute of trichologist in UK was founded in 1902 and it says:
"Not all wigmakers will have qualifications in the subject; many of them are experienced rather than qualified. The highest qualification would be C.G.L.I (City and Guilds of London Institute advanced certificate or City and Guilds wig-making certificate>> 
In essence a wig-maker would have the edge on a Posticheur and a Board-worker because they would be highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of wig-making.
A Wig-maker;- should have theoretical and practical knowledge of all expects of false hair which should include: completing order forms,  measuring patients/taking casts and moulds, be proficient in costing, designing and fittings,  be capable of styling including cutting/coloring (human hair only) and cleaning and maintenance."

  Frontal lace lady Toupee. Be able to do it right after you obtain your certificate !!!!

  Fact:   99% of the lace  wig sellers don’t have any knowledge of what they are selling or act as "middle man". Old clients after years of trial and fail, and pouring money down the drain, are looking now for real professionals who they can trust, and can produce that unique custom lace wig for them with a exact copycat of their frontal line using the best hairs (after all the disappointment from previous lace wig). BECAME A WIG MAKER AND OFFER THE BEST !!!!.


At Trichobeautifulhair we provide the finest European, Indian and Brazilian hair, lace wigs, hair replacement and wig making products at FACTORY PRICES and are now providing, following many requests, A (very intensive!) LACE WIG MAKING COURSE and frontals at a professional level.
NEXT COURSE: Everyday, Every month, minimum 2 pupils max.7
Please contact us on: ukwigschool@hotmail.com
!!! 24 Exciting hours of knowledge and fun and a full year of support !!!


About The Tutor:

The course will be imparted by Miss Rosa who is a QUALIFIED WIG MAKER in England (by City & Guilds) as well as a qualified tutor in wig making. Rosa has more than 13 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of hair replacement, she holds several courses in braiding weaving and extensions as well as the Beauty specialist (ITEC) course, which is internationally recognized. Rosa is also the Chief President of the Spanish Association of Wigmakers.

Rosa is a Spanish lady who has been living in London for over 12 years, but travelling continuously; researching, promoting her business and collecting the best hairs in the world. Her interest for wig making started from her own experience of hair loss, she started researching and travelling all over the world developing solutions for herself and later on qualifying in the above subjects, as well as in afro Caribbean hair extensions techniques, to supply demands and solutions for this wide market. She set up her business in wig making when she discovered how rewarding it was to make people feel better about themselves by restoring their image through this magnifique and forgotten skill.

Get to know one of the best kept secrets and one of the most rewarding skills in the world. Become a wigmaker with these 95% practical, hands on course, full of technical skills and experience. You will be working with the latest state of the art materials and lace which is used in wig making, wigs that you could sell from £1,200 to £5,000. NO secrets or information are kept in this course, everything you wanted or needed to know will be disclosed to you in a small private class for the few of you. Also….. you will learn all the secrets of the trade, suppliers, how to get all your orders right, how to market, and create a business plan!


back to topLace wigs course syllabus:

  The most advanced educational Wig Making Training ; our latest new state-of-art Wig Making Training Program; and the best Dedicate Tutor you could ever get for a full year
    • Please note that besides the syllabus Rosa will focus on your own personal needs throughout the course, whether you own a salon, want to work from home, you are already a hairdressing teacher or want to learn for your own needs.
    • Health and safety
    • Types of hair. Where and how they are recollected in the world. How you can buy these hairs in Asia /Brasil/Europe from hair re-collectors and why pure human hair will be difficult to get in the next few years.(list of suppliers)
    • How to spot the difference between Remy/cuticle hairs from non Remy.
    • How to prepare hair from a raw bundle to single and double drawn.
    • Hair preparation, Hair blending, percentage, how to achieve natural highlights.
    • Latest chemicals for detangling hair.
    • Different foundations of the lace wig cap, construction, mix materials according to clients needs.
    • Matching the lace to skin color for invisibility and texture, volume, color of the hair.
    • Measurements with tape and how to make a perfect cast for a copycat of the client’s front harirline (out of all the wigs you find on the internet NO ONE offers their clients a chance to double their own front hairline, so that the wig sits in the right place).
    • Ventilating knots, adding baby hair, under knots.
    • How to achieve the different partings
    • Pre-design and Starting knotting- making your own lace wig
    • Converting any wig into a front lace wig.
    • Cleaning a lace wig, secrets of a professional.
    • Repairing a lace wig.
    • All the points for the consultation with your client/ pre- design consultation form.
    • Aftercare Advices to all your clients.
    • ANY EXTRA KNOWLEDGE that you feel you may need for your particular business.
    • Practical Assessment.

back to top

Business plan 

  • Launching your business, how to get well priced labor overseas.
  • Film, theatre, hair replacement, Chemotherapy, others, your own personal plan.
  • Recommended suppliers list (you won’t have to pay middle man anymore) for hair wig making suppliers, and wigs.
  • How to order from the suppliers as to not go wrong.

  • Calculate the profits and expenses on your business.
  • Common mistakes
  • marketing your business
  • Theory assessment
PRICE: £2,000 – 3 Days, 10:15am-6 Pm. Start your own business from day ONE!
For Private tuition: £ 2,500 -3 days 10:15am- 6pm.

For overseas training: please consult with us. We travel to any country when the minimum number of participants required is reached or teach you privately. We also can audit your whole company /factory and/or your staff too.
Booking fee is £500 and needs to be paid 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE, at the latest. Please note it is *non- refundable* and the final balance will be collected at the beginning of the first lesson. Send of for your application as soon as possible, as course spaces get filled very quickly. To obtain an application, email us at ukwigschool@hotmail.com and we will forward you the application.
*We have noticed that the average prices for these types of courses in Europe and the USA range from £2500 TO £5,000. However, they ONLY teach lace wig and usually are not qualified tutors.
 Miss Rosa will show you her OFFICIAL qualifications on the first day, who else does this? Next courses available: Anytime in London as long as there are at least 2 students enrolled, for dates & venues visit : www.ukwigschool.com. No more than 7 pupils per class.
Start you own most exciting business from day ONE, right after finishing your course.

The economic crisis:


 Yes, the crisis may be a fact, but just think, during the first & second world war, ladies would still do their hair and look glamorous always, as if it was the best time of their lives… why? Because no matter what, a woman’s hair represents a big part of their sexuality and identity. Most of us would prefer many other things instead of having a bad hair day, thats just how it has been for centuries.

If you focus on the success and how to make hundreds of people happy through your expertise, positiveness and honest conduct, combined with a good professional level upon finishing the course, nothing should stop you from being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in your city. Success derives from how you choose to spend your free time, whether you are at home are or in a full blown career. By being a hair replacement expert, you will be helping others and choosing where you want to work.
Hair industry generates billions, more than other multinational industries. But if you are reading about our courses then you must already know this. Our course will aim to make you successful. Our course is about hair and quality, and it is about a forgotten trade full of secrets that are only known by a few.

  Became a wig maker and ignore the credit crunch you will be making and designing fine quality wigs from day one !!!

 Some samples of People that need wigs:
  1. Cancer patients
  2. Alopecia, trichos and others conditions people.
  3. Religious observance (e.g. Sheitel in Jewish woman)
  4. Police ,detectives
  5. Models, cinema, theatre
  6. Millions of woman want their lace front ,full lace wigs



Rosa versus others competitors:

Why Rosa ?? :

Not only is Rosa the Chief President of the Spanish Association of Wigmakers, but she is also an official International qualified wig maker artist, Wigmaker teacher (both by City&Guilds bodies) international Beauty Specialist (Itec) and A. & pathology T. nurse, all with official UK. and International qualifications .Rosa will present her qualifications before the course starts.

Compared to others who have come to teach from abroad, Rosa did a complete full year and became officially qualified in the UK for the course in Wigmaking 10 years ago, to complete all the learning she aquired through 20 years of dealing with hair loss. This includes her own experience in working with Alopecia and Tricho sufferers, therefore she has a deep knowledge of all the pros and cons of the UK and European Market. (Other tutors that work abroad wont know the UK market). Rosa has resided in the UK for the last 12 years and travels all over Europe teaching privately and providing her techniques to many happy clients as well as auditing hair companies.

Many others “teachers” are just pupils or students that have complete a few days training and they don’t hold neither a wigmaking qualification or a qualification to teach adults, let alone a have good textbook to learn through, so although you should shop around for courses, we will advise you of all the qualifications that a so called "teacher" should hold. (Not to mention they offer less hours training and poor syllabus for crazy prices)
Together with Rosa we offer the fairest price with the biggest syllabus you could ever find!!! Why pay more for less ?  Priceless information to start your own business from day one!!! We have had students coming from America hungry for a more complete knowledge with no hidden secrets.
We believe that with around 24 hours of mega-intensive learning, our students can learn what has been researched over many years. With us you learn for 24 hours (verses the 16 hours that you get in wig making courses) spread over 3 intensive days. Plus you get a full year of free consultation with Rosa, who will help your business take off and be able to make more money than you ever imagined!!!