Children Hair Loss Solutions

Modern life means that, one way or another, even our little heroes suffer from the consequences of the world we live in, which in a way seems more unfair than when it happens to an adult.

Many circumstances and illnesses, such as Alopecia, chemotherapy, radiation, burns, put children at risk of loosing their hair. We, at Tricho Alopecia Solutions (TAS), have the answers to make the lives of such kids more bearable; stop them from being the target of bullying, build up confidence and self-esteem and in general, help to lessen the trauma of hair loss.

Whatever hair replacement system you & we choose for your child, we will make sure it is suitable and can adapt to the demanding life style that he/she might have, for example, participating in a variety of sports.

We specialize in perfectly made to measure, very natural hair replacements, whatever the head size may be and whether there is total or partial hair loss. We think that it is a huge priority to ensure that your child feels very comfortable with the end result.

Have your child diagnosed by your GP, Dermatologist or Trichologist before deciding to go into hair replacements.

Please, Email us, to book a private personal consultation with Rosa:

* Angels Hair systems: From £ 800- £1,300