How to make a mould of your head

Follow the procedure below for making a head template:






  1. Comb your hair as usual but in a way that you can see clearly your bald areas.
  2. Cover your scalp with plastic wrap, like kitchen film, and if you are doing it alone allow extra film so that you can tie a knot behind your chin making the film flat against your scalp, that will allow you too to have your hands free for drawing your bald pattern areas.
  3. Apply 1 layers of transparent celotape over the plastic wrap to keep the form in place, overlap each layer of celotape to make it stronger.
  4. Draw a line on the plastic wrap that goes where it was your original hairline or where you would like to have it, and after that follow by drawing a line over the perimeters/limits where the bold area meets your hair.
  5. Indicate your hair where is the parting and where it is your crown if you have one.. Apply another extra layer of overlapping tape and lift it up gently
  6. With scissors, trim off the excess of wrap along your hairline and try again to see if you are happy with the result, and the hair line you draw, bare in mind your hair system will be a copy of the mould you have made so it is worth it to double check, specially where the front line is going to sit.

How to match your hair Color

Your natural hair sample:


Hair Map

Cut a small sample swatch of your natural hair about 1" long (3cm).

May you need to match specific areas of your hair, because you have different colours (eg. More white hairs on the temples) use the chart below for your hair samples.  Cut and label your samples as follows:  

1 – Front
2 – Temple (left/right)
3 – Top Front
4 – Behind Ear (left/right)
5 – Top Crown
6 – Back