Medi Hair Extensions & Courses


Medi HairRosa, the creative director of Trichoalopecia solutions, invented the first greatest human, hair extension system, known today as Medi-extensions”. A system that is responsible for many of the fabulous extensions worn today by various well known celebrities and hair loss sufferers. The main concern of this system is to avoid hair loss while your hair is growing.

Thankfully Rosa, a world expert in hair extensions, has been helping women in adding body, length and color to their hair for the past 15 years with her tailored created Medi-extension system.
At T.A.S we are very proud to have Yolanda as part of our team; Yolanda is a London leading hair extensionist with many years of experience on the field. Yolanda is highly specialised to apply our uniquely developed “Medi-extensions” and she plays an important role in our hair loss department. She proudly says of the system she works with “Medi-hair extensions are not to be confused with normal extensions which are thick, and off the shelf color”
We were one of the very few leaders in hair extension technology who applied our own 100% human virgin Remy hair, which is still the best hair on the market. All of our hair is harvested by Rosa, travelling worldwide and selecting only the more exquisite hairs.
The primary concern of our Medi-extensions was the safety and condition of your own hair. With the Medi-extensions you will be able to get your dream hair without compromising your existing hair, which intermingles with the tiniest Medi, comfort points and hair connections that are available in the world.

World leaders in our unique medi connect extensions.

  • The Medi-extensions technique involves attaching extra hair with our special micro comfort point’s connections. It is usually done with 4 hands, so that you can show off your new look to the world in a shorter amount of time.
  • The micro confort point does not damage your hair, allowing it to grown as usual. We also use 3 times less connection points than any other hair extension systems in the world.
  • Using around 3 lines of hairs can vastly improve the appearance of fine hair in just 45 minutes
  • The size of each extension can be customized allowing the tiniest extensions to be added to fine hair, making them undetectable to the eye even in highly exposed areas.
  • After the first consultation we will design the Medi-extensions using our finest most exquisite European, Brazilian, Indian or Pure Russian hair, in your desired color. The extension hair is expertly blended to get a exact match, and to customize you color creating a truly bespoke natural look.
  • The Medi-extensions should be re-attached every 3 months, you can reuse your hair or we can place in new ones if you wish to do so, on the day.Medi Hair
We do understand your individual needs and to the experience as pleasant as possible, we offer our clients a private room in our studio in En2. This is a quiet and discreet location, overlooking a wonderful garden. Throughout your stay we will make you feel at home, providing you with TV, internet, magazines, music, drinks and sandwiches! The choice for the location if yours, whether that be at our studio, your home, an appointed salon, or a hotel.
Price: £380- £850 according to length, texture and amount of work involved.
To arrange a consultation: The Medi connect team, offers you a very caring and individual service.  Our consultants are available to discuss with you your special requirements and your desired expectations. We will offer you our positive advice.
Our consultation is completely free and with no obligation or following calls. We believe that any important decision requires time to think.
To get our free consultation time, please call on Rosa direct on: 0207 0994821 to book your consultation. We also operate at many leading central London salons by appointment; therefore you may be seen at one of them or in the En2 Studio.


  • Why TAS extensions? We have many years of experience in dealing with hair loss, arising usually from badly applied hair extensions that bring too much pressure on the follicle. This usually is seen in weaves, heat, a variety of glues and hairdressers that apply extensions with minimal experience. Our expertise comes from deep education, experience, and knowledge. We can assure you that the micro points are the most secure and non damaging method available. Hundreds of women use our system while growing their hair.
  • How long will it take for you to apply them? This depends on how much hair you may need. For length, it takes usually 4 to 5 hours and for volume around 2 or 3, we will let you know on the consultation day.
  • Will they look really natural? Completely! We acknowledge that your own hair color is not just one shade, and in your extensions, we aim to achieve the same high/lowlights that you already have, and even a few new ones if you desire!
  • Will I be able to run my fingers through the hair? Yes, your extensions will blend with your existing hair.
  • Can I swim in the pool and sea, shower and play sports with them in? You can do any of this and you will look just as good with dry or wet hair. Our hair will become a part of you and the only difference you will feel is how beautiful you feel. You only need to treat your new hair just as you would your own, with care and gentleness.
  • Will my scalp be able to breath? Will I feel hotter? Not at all, the extensions are applied near the roots, but do not cover any part of your scalp; you can run your fingers through it and feel your free scalp, just as before.
  • Can I use heat styling equipment, such as curlers or a hairdryer? Yes you can, because we only use real human Remy virgin hair from young lady donors. In other words, hair that has never ever seen chemicals and that we have cut straight from the head donor, to ensure you 100% correct cuticle placement.
  • Can I wear my hair up? All the time if you wish, in fact you can wear any style as the points are undetectable.
  • What is the aftercare? We will give you detailed aftercare advice for you to follow. But in reality, it is very simple, you can treat your new hair like your own.
  • Do I need to buy your shampoos and conditioners? Not at all, there is no need, however we will let you know which ones mild and have a balanced PH. We will recommend then to you and you can buy them from almost any store.
  • Can I wash my hair at home? Of course, just like your own hair!
  • Can I retouch my roots when my hair grows? With our method you won’t have any problem in coloring your roots anytime you may need. We will give you aftercare details with some advice too about dying your hair. However, it is advisable to come with your roots already done on the appointment day.
  • Will your hair extensions be right for me? Most people can wear them however if we think on the consultation day that your hair is not suitable, e.g. Very chemically damaged or too fragile, we will advise you not to use extensions and may offer you a different solution.
  • What is the price? Price varies according to how many areas need to be filled, length and number of extensions applied. Whether it is half head, full head or 3/4 of the head. Prices from £380-£850
  • Can you use synthetic hair extensions? By request, yes. Times have changed and in these developing times amazing cyber hairs have been produced. They look and feel far nicer, and look more realistic than they used to be. In fact, some of them look and blend just like real hair, but for a fairer price. Prices from £300-£650.
  • Why don’t you have a salon? At TAS, we prefer to not have a salon as there is no need. We collaborate with many leading central London salons and have a studio at En2 (Enfield) if you come from North London. This way, our clients can save hundreds on top quality, rare hair as our prices can remain lower.