Crown Hair pieces:

Best Human hair: At TAS we make the finest and most advanced hair replacement systems, that the industry could offer. This is mostly due to our own research and development of new materials, paying attention to detail and the latest technology. From experience,  we understand hair loss, and recently we have created a range of ready to wear top crown pieces (with our usual single knots technique) that have an uncanny resemblance to your own scalp, whether you have hair under the piece or not.This is available in Lace or Monoskin and can be fitted using any method of attachment, according to your needs and lifestyle: Limited collection.

Prices from : £500- £900

Monoskin full Designer Prothesis:

A most sophisticated  wig than machine made ones. This has a monofilament top into which hairs are knotted, one by one. Monoskin allows the clients underlying scalp to be seen through and provides a more flexible parting. Our exclusive range will allow you to apply double sided tape if needed.


Human hair: From £350- £400
back to topSynthetic hair: From £180- £250


Full Wig

Synthetic designer full prothesis: TAS, offers a ready made collection from the most traditional looks to the contemporary ones, with special natural cyber hair fibres which allow us to create highlights and low light colours.

Ideal for those who can not wait or need a hair piece ASAP, have a low budget,and need low maintenance without compromising your looks.

Synthetic collection: All machine made
Short styles: colours as shown. Price: £ 95
Medium Styles: Colours as shown. Price: £ 120

Short Styles. No parting

Model Nina: Honey & Strawberry blond, highlights Model Joan: 2 highlights; no parting
Model Monica: Strawberry blonde, One color Model Mary Rose: Brunette, one color
Model Fernanda: One color 613 Model Sonia: 2 highlights

Medium Length:

Model Conchi: one color & poly parting Model Yolanda: one color & poly parting
Model Elvira: 2 vibrant colors & Poly parting Model Lauren: 2 subtle color & Poly parting
Model Nena: Monocolor platinum blond with poly parting  

back to topWigmaking materials

Mono Caps: black and transparent colors 3 lace base foundation: 4 colours Trichoalopecia caps: 2 colors.  
Lucinda mesh Lucinda mesh + skin parting; we run volumizer courses and provide materials
Our smart cap will allow you to do any volumizer using any technique; poly and french lace, cut to measure Polytherane caps  


Mono caps foundation: You ventilate them the same as the lace; 2 colours as shown in the photo; Cranial ready made shape:
Price: £ 35

Lace caps foundation: Highest quality all lace, ear to ear elastic mesh, all back elastic mesh: 4 colors transparent, light brown, medium brown, dark brown; all head circumference available:£ 40

Trichoalopecia caps: Durable undetectable cranial shape foundations in welded mono, soft and durable;ideal for volumizers saving you making all the darts and bulkiness; we create them for your company in any other measurements: £40
Lucinda Mesh: Best selling Mesh material for any kind of volumizers;soft and durable: £30 ; 1 meter long*60Cm wide Polyurethane cap for injection machine, toupess or patches, ready cranial shape: £ 40 Partings: Real human hair partings in mono and bigger than usual, you can dye any color without dying the base: £170

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