Tricho Alopecia Solution – Wig Manufacterer and Hair Supplier

Our director, Mrs. Rosa, is a UK City & Guilds wigmaker specialist with 20 years of hair trading experience and over 10 years of experience in teaching wig making all over the world.

Rosa was first introduced to this exciting world through experiencing her own hair loss at an early age. From this she learnt how important appearance could be, and the role that hair holds over the happiness and self-esteem of both women and men.

She started looking for hair solutions in Spain, while finishing her degree in Anatomy & Pathology. After coming to London in 1995, she began researching a wider range of hair replacement methods.

Bewildered by how secretive the hair industry was in UK and shocked by the inflated prices, she began to study wig making, hair extensions and beauty therapy, leading to an ITEC international diploma. She is now able to bring hair restoration and beauty to many people, who aren’t able to afford the excessive London prices, and does so with improved methods and a creative touch.

Rosa travels the world teaching wig making and researching the latest techniques, from Japan, Korea and India to the USA, China, Italy and Switzerland. She leaves Europe every two months in search of the very best virgin Remy hair for her clients. She is one of very few hair collectors still alive “I’m personally responsible for the quality of my hair. My clients are going to wear the hair for a long time, so it has to be me who chooses the hair, no one else.”

Rosa and the TAS team design and manufacture for leading London salons & hair loss clinics. She is widely regarded as the best wigmaker in London. Her secrets are in the quality of the Remy and virgin hair she chooses personally, the durability and indefectibility of her hair systems and her personal service.

Rosa works with the entertainment world too: “Stars demand the best and we deliver. I use mainly European, Indian, Brazilian or Arabic Hairs, depending on the client."

For Tricho sufferers we ensure that the system offers a truly undetectable barrier and provides the important personal fitting.

For Alopecia Areata and others kind of Alopecia: There are as many solutions as there are types of Alopecia. "During the consultation we discover what will work best for the client according to their lifestyle and needs." "I find that most clients don’t want to go back to their old hair even though their hair may have re-grown under the systems and is now strong and healthy" says Rosa. "Our clients are happy because we can alter, change or improve any system they may wear. We don’t have ‘off the shelf’ units; we create each unit based on our clients’ needs."

Lace wigs and partials in lace: We use the most advanced techniques to create our full lace wigs: "the invisible hair line" and the most natural knotting of front edge in irregular lines, makes our products the best fitting and most comfortable choice. We only create lace wigs after making a perfect cranium mould of the client’s head and hair line so that the wig sits right below the natural hairline.

We also produce monofilament top & lace front wigs, sheitel types and various other kinds of cap base wigs with a 100% Remy Brazilian, Iranian, Peruvian, Byelorussian, Indian, Italian or Spanish hair, all hand-tied or semi-hand tied & semi-machine made.

As wigmakers we know what your needs are for every different case, and we make sure that whatever system you choose is going to coincide well with your own remaining hairs below the system. In many cases, because the hair rests under the systems, and can breathe, it grows back stronger.

If you own a salon: Our hair systems have a great reputation for their quality, competitive price and prompt shipment. Many leading hair loss clinics deal solely with us.

We are interested in entering into business relationships with professional hair replacement clinics and hair salons all over the world.

We offer only the HIGHEST QUALITY HAIR REPLACEMENT available on the market. We personally design our own products and if required can provide wholesale prices, your own label and your own design.

We also travel worldwide for private consultations and audit hair loss companies and factories.

Tricho Alopecia Solution TAS, listen to your needs gives you real undetectable solutions, with the finest hair and a realistic hair line